Self Realisation Guide


This is a complete audio guide which uses ancient Gyan Yog techniques of Advait Vedanta/ Non duality and provides a great opportunity to get a glimpse of the pure true self.  Original price Rs 1008, Currently available in a limited time offer of  Rs 501.

Our foundational audio guide, in which the essence of spirituality and meditation is explained in simple and easy to understand language. 

This audio guide is based around the question of who or what we really are, and what our true nature is. The in depth 2.5 hour audio explores each of the layers of mind and the nature of the true self, describes the four major paths of yoga or spirituality, and uses analogies with dreaming and sleep stages to explain concepts such as maya and awareness. The audio ends with a guided self enquiry. Self enquiry is a powerful technique to realise the true self, which has been used by many spiritual masters.

We recommend listening to this audio guide before completing any of the more advanced guided meditations, audios or online workshops. This introductory audio will help to understand the nature of mind from a spiritual perspective. Once this is understood, the full benefits of other audios and courses can be felt.

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