Rudra’s Roar guided meditation and self affirmation audio guide


A powerful tool to remind yourself who you really are. Original price Rs 501 Currently available in a limited time offer of Rs 108.
Rudra is a Sanskrit word which means cosmic consciousness. This guided meditation is in the form of self affirmations which helps you do self enquiry to find the real ‘I’. All life forms are considered expressions of ‘ONE’ shared consciousness and this dynamic and expressive aspect of consciousness is poetically expressed here as “Rudra’s roar” because of which we see so many different and unique expressions of life forms. The best way to use this guided meditation is by listening to it when your subconscious mind is more receptive, for example immediately after waking up or immediately after a meditation session when the mind is calm. At these times your subconscious mind will absorb the positive vibes of powerful self affirmations which not only cleanse the mind but it will also make you brave and fearless.

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