Reach your true potential


Your true potential lies within you, This program helps you to declutter your thoughts and emotions and find spark within you.


Online workshop – Reach your true potential. Duration 3 days (can be covered in 2 days)

It covers all the modules of peace & clarity program which happens at Himalayan camp,
but here the main focus is on how to live a happy life by balancing your desire to spiritually awaken as well as fulfilling your responsibilities towards your loved ones.

In this program, Yogi ji also explaines how people misunderstand manifestation and law of attraction,
hence it doesn’t work for them. He gives very effective steps on how to train the mind to achieve success in all aspects of our life.

If all instructions all followrd correctly during this workshop, a cleansing process starts automatically, your hidden fears, insecurities starts to come to surface and then fade away.
Mental blockages which were stopping you from living a full fledged life starts to disappear.

After completion of this workshop participants keep getting support through emails and can also opt for private Zoom session with senior meditation teachers.

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