Intermediate Level


Self enquiry, Go Deeper & completeness guided meditations


These guided meditations will help in pointing out the core essence of spirituality.


Go Deeper guided meditation

As the name suggests, this guided meditation helps the attention to dive deeper into the layers of mind through self enquiry. It is a deep enquiry to find Who am I here? Which aspect of you remains always aware when the mind is in a wakeful state, dream state and even in deep sleep when mind is completely resting. Who witnesses all three states of mind? This guided meditation will help you in this self enquiry.

Completeness guided meditation

This guided meditation takes your mind on a journey to a sense of fulfilment and completeness. It helps in removing the attitude of mind that it lacks something because of which it tends to roam around in search of satisfaction. This meditation lets you see that the sense of satisfaction and completeness is always accessible within you.

Self Enquiry Meditation 

This is a guided practice which will guide you to enquire who you really are. The audio will guide you to be aware of the contents of your mind, to enquire as to who or what is aware of the mind’s contents, and ultimately to enquire who you are. 

This practice helps to sharpen the intellect and develop clarity about the nature of the mind and the self

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