7 Day Yoga and Meditation Camp in Rishikesh Himalayas

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Rishikesh is the hub of spirituality all over the world. It is where faith and belief start. You can get a sense of acknowledgment here about yourself. Yoga opens the door to good health, and meditation allows you to see out of the box.


Yoga keeps you physically healthy, and meditation supports your mental health. It concentrates on awareness of your body’s abilities and helps develop breath, mind, and strength. Yoga and Meditation are both perfect activities for a person’s well-being.

Mighty Himalayas Retreat is your one-stop destination to start a yogic life with peace. Mighty Himalayas Retreat has a mix of good stays with the activation of peace in life. We are committed to making your vacations the best of your life.

Skill Level

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced


Advait Vedanta, Non-religious, Self enquiry, Meditation, Kriya Yoga, Nidra Yoga, General Yoga


Vegetarian, Organic


Mighty Himalayas Retreat is a dedicated place that offers yoga retreats for people. So many people come here to learn more about ancient yogic practices, and in the end, they feel so energized that they often tell us to stay here permanently. Rehearsing yoga may provide many physical and mental health benefits.


 It improves strength, balance, and flexibility

 Helps in relieving back pain

 Enhances heart health

 Allows you to sleep better

 Relief from depression and anxiety

 Reduce the effects of PTSD and similar conditions

 Boost concentration, focus, and memory

 Improves your mood

 Balances the imbalanced body

 Healed digestive system

 Reduces stress

 Reflective outlook on life

What Makes This Retreat Special

Dr. Amrit Raj is a certified and professional yogi. He has designed the whole course in different sections according to the days. The yoga retreat of Mighty Himalayas is for the self-transformation and realization of your existence on this earth. This can take you on the journey of inner growth with the Vedic and spiritual methods So, anyone can join them as per their further availability in Rishikesh…

  • Accommodation in an attractive room

  • Morning & evening yoga sessions

  • Nature’s walk

  • The practice of Dhyana and forest meditations

  • Three sattvic meals daily with herbal tea

  • Mantra chanting

  • Counseling session

  • Re-establish the misplaced contact between the mind, body, and soul

  • Techniques of different yoga forms, including Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, and Laughter Yoga

  • Accumulate a projective insight into the Yoga Philosophy, illustrating the accurate yogic way of life

  • Purify your body and spirit with Yogic Detoxification Therapy


 05:30 AM ~ 07:00 AM : Yoga Asana, Pranayama (Hatha, Vinyasa)

 07:00 AM : Ganga Walk

 07:30 AM : Fire Ceremony

 08:30 AM : Breakfast (Prasadam)

 09:00 AM ~ 09:45 AM : Mantra Chanting

 11:00 AM ~ 01:00 PM : Self Time

 01:30 PM : Lunch (Prasadam)

 03:00 PM ~ 04:00 PM : Meditation Yoga Nidra & Pranayama

 05:00 PM ~ 06:30 PM : Yoga (Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa)

 06:30 PM : Ganga Aarti

 07:30 pm : Dinner (Prasadam)

 10:00 PM : Lights Out


Food is vegan and organic, inspired by the classical recovery dishes of Ayurvedic and Indian cooking. You’ll experience the deep benefits of the yogic diet – with healing, nourishing vegan and ‘sattvic’ foods. In addition, you’ll eat the most incredible healing plant foods directly from nature. The food we provide is recognized because of its flavor and variety.

  • Breakfast: Fruit salad and a herbal tea

  • Lunch: Indian Thali or sattvic meal

  • Dinner: Sattvic meal



Jan: 21/01/24 – 27/01/24

March: 24/03/24 – 30/03/24

Accommodation Types and Prices

We have accommodations with elementary facilities – a double bedroom with a private bath, hot water, and a toilet.

We provide each visitor with a comfortable resting place, fledged with all the trendy comforts for a convenient stay at our ashram. The rooms open to secluded balconies overseeing the magnificent beauty of nature, where you can sit, meditate, or share an herbal cup of tea with a fellow yogi.

Single occupancy for yoga and Ayurveda retreat – 8499/- per day
[ 7days – 56500/- ]

Single occupancy for yoga and meditation – 6499/- per day
[ 7days – 43999/- ]

Additional Info
How To Get There (Flights, Airport Transfers, Buses, Trains)

Nearest International Airport: New Delhi Airport (DEL)

Nearest Domestic Airport: Pantnagar Airport (PGH)

Visa Stuff

You will need to get 6 month e-visa before arriving in India. A tourist visa will work for the duration of this retreat

What to Bring

 Please carry your own yoga mats, water bottles, any medicines, mosquito repellents, sanitizers, masks, and other utilities.

❃ Please carry loose and comfortable clothes throughout the program.

Travel Insurance Suggestions

Travel insurance is always a good idea!

Depending on the policy you go for, it could help with delayed, cancelled or missed flights; theft or damage of belongings, and emergency healthcare.

It’s not the most glamorous part of planning a trip, but it means you can relax knowing that you’ll be covered if anything happens.

Arrival by Train

Nearest Railway station : Haldwani / Kathgodam

Additional Info About The Retreat


We are only hosting fewer guests per retreat which makes it very safe. Everyone will be having their own cottage. The cottages have attached washroom which is cleaned daily.

❃ There is plenty of space on the property to be physically distant from other participants

Arrival By Bus

Nearest Bus stop : Nainital​

There are buses (Uttarakhand Roadways & Private) available from Delhi (Anand Vihar) / Dehradun / Haldwani / Kathgodam to Nainital.

Arrival By Taxi

Most people prefer to board private shared taxis from Haldwani / Kathgodam to Nainital.