Meet the Real You Silent Retreat

Venue: Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

Join our “Meet the Real You” Retreat in England to unlock inner peace, master your mind, and discover your true self through powerful Aham Shoonyam teachings. Book now for a transformative small group experience.

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Do you sometimes wonder what real happiness is?

This new in-person silent retreat which is happening in England will teach you how to focus the mind on positive and important things and on being in the present, rather than on useless thinking or unpleasant thoughts. You will learn how to live in a state of peace regardless of the tumultuous external life situation. Eventually, if you continue to follow the techniques shared, it may lead to realisation of the true self or your true potential through a powerful technique called self enquiry.

The  silent retreat is based on Aham Shoonyam’s Attention Training & Realignment Programme, a powerful 7 step method designed around a step by step intellectual understanding of how the mind works and how to use the mind as a helpful tool rather than being a slave of the mind. The program is not based on any belief system but rather focuses on experiential knowledge. The small group size will support you to enquire, test and experience for yourself by providing a peaceful environment and tailored support.


The seven steps of the Attention Training & Realignment program are:

PCA: Presence centred anchoring

(Spending time in the presence of an expert practitioner/master for clarity of mind, deep insights and constant reminders to stay in the present)

EPIC: Enquiry based program for intellectual clarity

(Self enquiry based intellectual understanding of how the mind works and how to transform the mind)

SMTDS: Subconscious mind training during sleep

(Training the subconscious mind through powerful subliminal affirmations by listening to an expert master's audio recording)

SMTWA: Subconscious mind training while awake

(Training the subconscious mind through powerful self affirmations/mantras)

BCAT: Being centered attention training

(Practice of bringing attention back to the present moment through our techniques. Practice being alert like a cat)

MPS: Mental pattern shifting

(Learning how to shift the attention from negative thought patterns to positive patterns through gratitude)

AAIS: Attention absorption in inner silence

(Learning how to let the attention shift from mental voices to bliss of inner silence)


The retreat will take place at a private residential venue in Cambridgeshire, England, providing a quiet and peaceful environment and keeping group sizes small for a more intimate and personal experience.

The venue is situated in a natural woodland place, which supports you to delve deeper without distractions. Participants will be staying in nearby hotel or B&B accommodation, which they can select and book themselves. The retreat organisers can help with suggesting accommodation options and travel arrangements.

The program will be based around the 7 steps of the ATR program, with a combination of discourse and explanation about the steps and guided practice of each step.

This is a silent retreat.

However, there will be opportunities for a Q and A at the end of day 2

Day 1

10.00am – Start of Day 1

6pm – participants retire to accommodation for self-practice and integration of teachings

Day 2

9am – start of the day 2 program

6pm – End of Retreat

£250 – including all teaching and daily lunch, snacks & refreshments

£250 – including all teaching and daily lunch, snacks & refreshments

Participants will be staying in a nearby hotel or B&B accommodation, which they can select and book themselves. The retreat organisers can help with suggesting accommodation options and travel arrangements.

A nutritious vegetarian lunch, snacks and refreshments will be provided during each day of the retreat. Please inform us of any allergies or dietary requirements in advance.

Additional costs: accommodation & travel

1. Premier Inn Colmworth Park, St Neots 2 miles from venue Approx. £76 to £87 per night

2. Premier Inn A1 Wyboston, St Neots 2.3 miles from venue Approx. £61 to £81 per night

3. Travelodge Huntingdon Fenstanton 11 miles from venue Approx. £51 per night

4. Travelodge Cambridge Swavesey 14 miles from venue Approx.£58.99 per night. There are also lots of hotels and BnBs available in St Neots, Huntingdon, and Cambridge.

Accommodation prices are approximate to give an indication and are correct on 12.03.2023.

(Various other options to stay are available according to individual budget)

July : 13/07/24 – 14/07/24

July : 27/07/24 – 28/07/24

Airports Nearby:

The nearest airport is London Stansted (38 miles).

Other airports include Luton airport (42 miles) and London Heathrow airport (54 miles).

Arrival by Train:

St Neots Railway station is a 5 minute car ride to the venue.

Arrival by Car / Taxi:

Taxis are available from the train station. The location is close to the A1 near the town of St Neots. The postcode is PE19 6RA

Travel Insurance Suggestions:

Travel insurance is always a good idea!

Depending on the policy you go for, it could help with delayed, cancelled or missed flights; theft or damage of belongings, and emergency healthcare.

Who should join ?

The retreat is based on an authentic enquiry of the nature of the self, and is not based on or influenced by any cultural or religious belief. This retreat is for seekers who have understood that spiritual books and videos are not effective until the time you do not get a ‘direct experience’ of meditative states. 

This program is for you if:

Are you ready to meet real you ?